About us

Lori's jewelry obsession started at an early age, when her step-mother taught her how to make feather earrings.  She was 10 years old and has not stopped designing jewelry since!
She went on to study in Paris and London and has simultaneously had a successful career in visual effects (has won several design awards and an Emmy nomination) while also designing and making jewelry.  
Jewlz LAB designs are comfortable, contemporary designs that can be worn every day! There is consistently a delicate, feminine look that you can layer or stack with ease.
Jewlz LAB utilizes many methods, such as; Metalsmithing, Wire Wrapping, Crochet with gold and silver wire, Lost wax casting, and even designing in 3D software as of late. They combine some, or all of these techniques to bring you Jewlz.

When they do cast pieces of jewelry, they support the local economy by using a Los Angeles caster. They also use a local leather company for pieces made from leather.
At Jewlz LAB, they try to be "green" as much as possible. They search for ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint. They use natural gemstones and recycled metals whenever possible.

Production Team
James Alandy - pictured here employing some traditional Balinese metalsmithing techniques. He is the bangle master at Jewlz.