Gemstone Tube Necklace

Regular price $70.00

4x13mm Mixed gemstone tube beads make up this necklace. 15" with 1" extender (contact me for different sizes).

Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones in necklace

Jade: Grounding, Protecting, Healing - Good for Peace and Harmony

Onyx: Strength, Steadfastness, Stamina - Good for Self-confidence, Banishes grief

Jasper: Provides Protection, Absorbs negative energy - Good for Balance

Rose Quartz: Healing, Calming - Good for Love, Relationships Joy, Heart

Lapis Lazuli: Healing, Enlightening - Good for Self-Awareness, Pain

Clear Quartz: Healing, Protective, Harmonizing - Good for Mental Clarity, Meditation, Focus

*Price is for one Gemstone Tube necklace only 

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